Kilkenny Aerodrome

The Aerodrome has been licensed by the Department of Transport / IAA since 1965.

It is the longest established Private Licensed Aerodrome in Ireland.

Today it is one of only 14 privately licensed aerodromes in the State.

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Aerodrome Technical


Strip Dimension: 1050m x 80m

Runway Dimension:  930m x 23m

Elevation: 300ft

Surface: Grass

Heading: 09 / 27

Radio: 122.90 mhz

VFR Only



Runway Code: Code 2

Max Aircraft Wingspan: 24m

Designator: EIKK


Fire & Rescue Cover:

CAT 1 (CAT 2 Available upon request)



Avgas 100LL



Surface to 7,500ft - Class G

MOA 4 - Located 5NM to the East



High Speed Internet

Flight Plan Filing

Met Checks

Circuit Training Available Upon Request



Kilkenny Aerodrome is used strictly for private use.

PPR is not available for vising aircraft. 


Landing an aircraft at Kilkenny Aerodrome without the express written permission of the IAA licence holder constitutes a trespass. 

Voluntary Assumption of Risk & Release of Liability Agreement


In consideration of Irish Skydiving Club CLG, the occupier and aerodrome licensee of Kilkenny Aerodrome (hereafter "Occupier") providing permission to the aircraft owner and/or operator and/or pilot-in-command and/or aircraft passengers and/or crew (hereafter "Aircraft Occupants"), to land at and take-off from, taxi and park the aircraft and to board and disembark the aircraft (hereafter "Aviation Use") at Kilkenny Aerodrome (hereafter "EIKK"), and in consideration of the fee paid by the Aircraft Occupants for Aviation Use of EIKK, the parties agree as follows;

  1. The Aircraft Occupants hereby confirms it has been duly informed and recognises that this document, the various sections of which it append its digital signature, is a legally binding contract which shall continue in force both for the Aircraft Occupants first Aviation Use of EIKK, either on the day upon which this agreement is signed or upon another day, and for all subsequent Aviation Use the Aircraft Occupants may undertake at EIKK

  2. EIKK is an uncontrolled aerodrome and only day time flights subject to Visual Flight Rules regulations and Visual Meteorological Conditions are permitted. The Aircraft Occupants accepts the inherent risks associated with that of the grass runway, which may have uneven surfaces and bumps, dips, or soft surfaces, loose articles, stones, and other debris, that poses a high risk of causing damage to any aircraft and persons. The Aircraft Occupants expressly indemnifies the Released Parties from any and all claims arising from injury to persons or property damage, caused by the Aircraft Occupants, whether on the surface at EIKK or when flying in the vicinity of EIKK.

  3. The Aircraft Occupants understands and accepts that any information provided from EIKK ground radio (122.90 mhz) to the Aircraft Occupants is strictly for information proposes only and is not to be relied upon by the Aircraft Occupants.  The Occupier does not accept any responsibility whatsoever arising from any information sent from EIKK ground radio to the Aircraft Occupants, whether in flight or on the ground.

  4. The Aircraft Occupants hereby expressly exempts, releases and discharges the Occupier, it’s officers, directors, agents, servants, employees, shareholders, members and owner of EIKK (all collectively hereinafter referred to as the “Released Parties”), from ANY and ALL liability, compensation claims, demands or cause of action whatsoever that the Aircraft Occupants may hereafter have arising out of any damage, loss or injury to the Aircraft Occupants or its property for any Aviation Use of EIKK whether such loss, damage, or injury results from the Aircraft Occupants own Aviation Use of EIKK and/or the negligence of the Released Parties.

  5. The Aircraft Occupants understand and acknowledge that their Aviation Use of EIKK has inherent dangers and risks that no amount of duty, care or diligence, caution, supervision, safety policies, expertise or operating policies can eliminate and the aircraft Operator EXPRESSLY AND VOLUNTARILY ASSUMES ALL RISK AND DANGERS OF DEATH, PERSONAL INJURY OR THIRD PARTY INJURY OR PROPERTY DAMAGE SUSTAINED WHILE IT IS ENGAGING IN AVIATION USE OF EIKK.

  6. The Aircraft Occupants agrees never to institute any suit, seek compensation or take legal action or otherwise against the Released Parties nor to initiate or assist the prosecution of any claim for damages, losses or cause of action which the Aircraft Ocupants, its beneficiaries, heirs, executors or administrators may have by reason of injury to the Aircraft Occupants or its property arising from its Aviation Uses of EIKK contemplated by this agreement. 

  7. INDEMNITY AGAINST CLAIMS: The Aircraft Occupants will indemnify, save and hold harmless the Released Parties from any and all losses, claims, actions or proceedings of every kind and character which may be presented or initiated by any persons or organisations arising directly or indirectly from the Aircraft Occupants Aviation Use of EIKK and I hereby indemnify the Released Parties for any and all legal costs arising that either the Aircraft Occupants, its beneficiaries, or estate might attempt to make.

  8. Without prejudice to the foregoing, the Aircraft Occupants has been advised that the Occupier holds an Airport Owners & Operators Liability Insurance policy, with a €1,500,000 EUR maximum limit on liability. The Aircraft Occupants expressly undertakes and accepts that it will not make any claim whatsoever against this insurance policy for any loss it suffers by its Aviation Use of EIKK. If for any reason whatsoever, a Court was, for any reason whatsoever, to make any award for damages against the Released Parties, for a claim made against it by the Aircraft Occupants, the Aircraft Occupants hereby accepts that the maximum liability that shall be awarded by the Court is €1,500,000 EUR only.

  9. REPORTING OF ALLEDGED INJURY, POSSIBLE OR SUSPECTED INJURY: The Aircraft Occupants hereby undertakes to immediately report, in writing, to the Occupier, if it has actually or has possible been or injured or its property damaged personally from its Aviation Use of EIKK, and it agrees to make a full and complete written report before leaving EIKK of the alleged, possible or suspected injury or damage to property and it will give an undertaking to seek professional medical treatment. In any case of injury to the Aircraft Occupants from it Aviation Use of EIKK, it will submit a medical doctors report to the Occupier within 3 days of it being published.

  10. OPERATIONAL UNDERTAKING: The Aircraft Occupants hereby expressly undertakes to conduct any and all Aviation Use in accordance with the Irish Aviation Authority regulations and aerodrome license conditions and the Occupiers procedures stated on its website (

  11. This agreement is subject to the laws of the Republic of Ireland and is under the jurisdiction of the Irish courts.



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