50th Anniversary Air Display

Kilkenny's Largest Ever Air Display

On Sunday 9th August 2015, the skies over Kilkenny were alive with a world class air display to mark the 50th anniversary celebration of Kilkenny Airport’s first aerodrome license issue in 1965.


Kilkenny families were treated to an air spectacle never before seen over the local skies, with over 2,500 spectators in attendance for the free admission event. Expert aerobatic display pilots and skydivers performed formation flights leaving smoke trails to be seen for miles.  Pilots from all over Ireland and the UK flew more than 70 aircraft into Kilkenny to celebrate the special occasion. The event was a huge success and is now the largest public air display ever held in Kilkenny which adds to the many aviation achievements of the well-known local aerodrome.


By road we are just a short drive of 3km from Kilkenny City.


By air it is only a short flight from everywhere. 



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